We’re Committed

to reuniting South Africans with their unclaimed benefits.

We're committed to reuniting South Africans with their unclaimed benefits


Unclaimed assets


People affected

Radically improving the process

Radically Improving the Process

We’re modernising the outdated manual claims process with a simpler and far more effective digital solution – resulting in beneficiaries being paid in days not months. 

Helping South Africans

Solving the enormous issue of unpaid unclaimed benefits is critical to help move our country and the lives of its people forward. We’re committed to make this happen!

Our Stakeholders

Our investors include a team of innovative entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts spanning fields from finance and banking to technology innovation. All with a shared purpose to help South Africa and its people thrive.

Mcebisi Jonas

Author, political leader, strategist, passionate reformist and corporate leader.

Rowan Gordon

Facilitator, driver and founder of some big small businesses.

Michael Jordaan

Reformed banker, venture capitalist, backing 25 startups that solve problems, wine enthusiast and lazy mountain biker.

Haroon Bhorat

Professor of Economics at UCT, member of the President’s Economic Advisory team, Board member at Sygnia and Pick n Pay and budding entrepreneur.

Remo Lenisia

Developed, built and sold the leading credit bureau in Sub-Saharan Africa, passionate wine maker and explorer of the seas.

Jonathan Lamb

A banker with a passion for driving digital disruption, the eternal optimist whose glass is overflowing

Standard Bank

Robin Hood is a company with a bold vision to conquer the unclaimed benefits market. Aligning our vision, passion and platforms with the strength and market position of Standard Bank makes Robin Hood a formidable force – Doing good for all South Africans who have unclaimed benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is a digital solution company powered by Standard Bank and founded by a team of innovative business leaders with experience in varied sectors including; finance, banking and technology innovation. They are committed to helping South Africa and its people thrive by reclaiming the unclaimed benefits owed to them.

I have had a benefit paid unexpectedly, where is it from?

We have a great Fast Track method and are able to pay you directly without you having to search and verify yourself. If we have paid you directly, this means that we have found a benefit for you, verified your ID and paid it out to your verified  bank account.  You will receive notification of the details for this payment as well as how to access supporting documentation.

What type of unclaimed benefits can I search for?

We are adding all sorts of unclaimed benefits to our platform– You can search for unclaimed pension fund benefits, dividends, savings, insurance claims and others.

Which financial products are represented on the Robin Hood platform?

We are loading new unclaimed assets on to our platform regularly, so check in with us from time to time.

How does the unclaimed benefits search process work?
  1. Enter your South Africa ID number.
  2. Search for a benefit.
  3. If found, download our mobile App to start the claim process.
  4. Complete the ID verification and other claim steps.
  5. Nominate your preferred bank account.
  6. Robin Hood will notify you once your payment is complete.

 If nothing is found, sign up to receive a notification when a benefit is found for you. We are adding new benefits to our platform regularly and would like to be able to contact you should there be a match.

What documents or information do I need to start a claim?

The first step in the claim process is to verify your identity. For this you will need:

·        A South African ID card or book.

Then depending on the size of your claim and the type of benefit, we might ask you for additional documents, but the app will guide you through the process.

The last step is for you to add your bank account details so we can process your claim while you watch the magic happen.

How much will I receive?

The amount you receive depends on the value of the pension or other asset.


For pension fund payouts we will need to deduct tax before paying you. We will need your South African tax number to apply for a tax directive on your behalf.

Where can I find my tax number?

We are working on making this process simpler, but in the meantime you can either:

·        Dial *134*7277# using your mobile phone, select option 1 and then follow the prompts.

·        SMS - TRP [space][ID Number] to 47277 (sms example: TRP 8903300051080)


If you don’t have a tax number, we are unable to process your pension claim until you have applied for a tax number.

How can I track my unclaimed benefit claims?

This is the really great part of the process, you can track the status of your claim in real time on the Robin Hood app. It’s quick and easy to see how far you are in the process, but we think we’ll beat you to it. We’ll pay the money back to you before you know it!

How long does it usually take to find unclaimed benefits?

Finding an unclaimed benefit currently registered on our platform is immediate, as soon as you have entered your ID number.


If no benefit is found, you can register with us so that we keep searching for you. If a benefit due to you is found later, you will be notified to start your claims process.

What if I have multiple unclaimed benefits from different sources?

The good news is that you’re able to process multiple claims through our mobile App.

Can I use Robin Hood to claim benefits on behalf of a family member or loved one?

Yes, you can assist them! As long as you have their permission, and the claimant is available to complete the ID verification step via the app.

What if the beneficiary of an unclaimed benefit is deceased, a minor or a foreigner?

Right now, Robin Hood is focused on serving people digitally,with South African bank accounts using modern mobile technology.


Matters involving beneficiaries who are deceased, minors orforeigners are a lot more complicated and we will work towards add this featurein the future.

Is my personal information safe when I enter it on the website?

Robin Hood is committed to protecting your personal information and adheres to strict privacy standards. We only process your information in a lawful and responsible manner that will not infringe your data privacy. Our platform uses an industry standard level of encryption to secure any of your data entered so that your information remains confidential and is not accessible by unauthorised parties. Any collection of your personal information is only used for the purpose it’s intended for - to reunite you with unclaimed benefits as we find them.

*If you have further questions, please Get in touch